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Pizza Bagel Bites in the Microwave

How to make home made pizza bagel bites in the microwave, an easy after school snack or quick lunch at work. Who doesn’t love bagel bites? This recipe makes them an even tastier and healthier option than frozen bagel bites. This recipe takes almost no time, which makes it a perfect recipe to teach the […]

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Chicken Soup in the Microwave

How to make home made chicken soup in the microwave in just 10 minutes! There is no better soup than homemade soup, but sometimes life does not allow the time it takes to use the stove and make an entire pot. Luckily, homemade chicken soup can be cooked right in the microwave! I like to […]


Quesadilla in the Microwave

How to make a quesadilla in the microwave, the perfect cheesey snack or flavorful meal! This recipe is so quick and easy, I like to use it when I need a quick bite to eat before running errands in the afternoon. This is a simple recipe that kids can learn too so they can make […]


Nachos in the Microwave

How to make nachos in the microwave, a quick and easy recipe that everyone should know! Nachos are a classic microwave recipe. They are just so quick and easy to make and always turn out delicious. This recipe is perfect for an after school snack, a party appetizer, or a quick meal during the week. […]

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Potato Wedges in the Microwave

How to make potato wedges in the microwave, for a very simple and very tasty side dish, snack, or appetizer! Making potato wedges in the microwave seems like a daunting task, I know! But not to worry, making them in the microwave is really easy and really fast. Keep reading to learn how to make […]

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Potato Chips in the Microwave

How to make a quick crispy snack in your microwave! Perfect to satisfy that salty savory potato chip craving in no time. When I learned that potato chips could be made in the microwave, I was not so sure about that. I mean how could you get that perfect potato chip crisp from a microwave? […]


Mac and Cheese in the Microwave

How to make yourself the perfect single serving of Mac and Cheese in just a few minutes! I absolutely hate when I make macaroni and cheese and the cheese gets all stuck to the inside of the pot. Such a pain to soak and scrub off, especially when you like a lot of cheese in […]