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Steamed Bok Choy in the Microwave

Crisp, fresh, and loaded with flavor, this┬áBok Choy Recipe is guaranteed to be your new favorite side dish! Bok Choy makes the perfect side dish for any Asian platter. Seasoned with simple ingredients like salt and Asian sesame oil, this recipe makes for a quick and tasty side dish! Why Steam Bok Choy in the […]


Steamed Asparagus in the Microwave

How to steam asparagus in the microwave for a delicious side dish or appetizer in no time! This recipe is so simple and easy to follow. No need to fire up the stove, just do it all in the microwave. Steamed asparagus is the perfect vegetable to add onto your list of go to side […]


Quinoa in the Microwave

Save time and learn how to make quinoa in the microwave in just minutes! Quinoa is so nutritious and high in fiber, it is super healthy and can be added into just about any dish. Quinoa does not have to be eaten on its own, in fact, I prefer it mixed in with vegetable or […]

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Sweet Potato in the Microwave

How to cook a sweet potato in the microwave, for those nights that you want a fast and healthy meal. Sweet potatoes are always a delicious option for a side dish or a loaded main dish. I love this recipe because it is fast and simple. The only preparation required is poking holes in the […]


Steamed Zucchini In the Microwave

How to steam zucchini in the microwave! Perfect recipe for a quick healthy side dish or tasty add-in. This recipe is so simple and easy to follow, you will have a scrumptious side dish in no time! Steamed zucchini is the perfect vegetable to add onto your list of go to side dishes. I love […]


Steamed Cauliflower in the Microwave

Steam cauliflower in the microwave and have it ready to serve in just minutes! Cauliflower is so tasty and can be used in so many different ways, it is definitely a vegetable that you want to have in your repertoire of steamed vegetable recipes. This recipe is fast and easy and makes a delicious side […]


Steamed Carrots in the Microwave

Learn how to steam carrots in the microwave in just minutes! This recipe is great for when you need a side dish, a small healthy salad, or your kids won’t eat raw vegetables. Steaming carrots in the microwave is simple and tastes delicious! All you need is carrots, a microwave safe bowl, and water. I […]


Steamed Peas in the Microwave

How to steam any peas in the microwave in just under 10 minutes! Making steamed peas in the microwave is a great recipe to have memorized because it is so easy and convenient. Peas make a great side dish or addition to a salad, fried rice, or pasta. This recipe is great to know for […]


Steamed Brussel Sprouts in the Microwave

How to steam Brussel sprouts in the microwave in just 10 minutes! This recipe is super simple and easy, perfect for when you need to whip up a quick side dish for any dinner. Brussel sprouts taste bitter when they’re raw, but with this quick recipe, you won’t be able to stop eating them! If […]