Thai dessert luk chup
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Thai dessert luk chup recipe

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Thai dessert luk chup recipe

Fruit Shaping Thai Marzipan. Khanom Luk Chup

Thai Marzipan

2 cups cooked, peeled Mung beans
1 cup castor sugar
¾ cup coconut milk

Blend well mung beans, sugar and coconut milk in an electric blender. Pour the mixture into a big mixing bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap, Microwave at High (600-700 Watts) for 15 minutes. Pierce the plastic wrap to reduce steam before opening. Stir once and cook, uncovered, at High for 15 minutes. Remove and stir vigorously. Cook, uncovered, at High for 5 minutes. Repeat once again. Leave to cool and shape into any kind of fruits. Stick each mock fruits with toothpicks and pin into a foam plate. Paint the colour on the mock Truit. Coat with the melted agar-agar. or gelatin.


1 teaspoon instant agar-agar
3 tablespoons water

Blend instant agar-agar and water in a one cup glass measure, cover tightly with microwave plastic wrap. Microwave at High for ½ minute.

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