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Sticky Pork Ball, Mah Hor

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Sticky Pork Ball, Mah Hor

1 cup minced pork
1 cup chopped pickle chinese turnip
1 cup diced onion
½ cup roasted peanuts
3 coriander roots, chopped
3 cloves garlic
15 peppercorns
½ cup palm sugar
¼ cup light soy sauce
2 teaspoons cooking oil

Pound coriander roots, garlic and pepper. Turn the mixture into a microwave frying pan, add cooking oil, cover loosely with kitchen paper. Microwave, at High (600-700 Watts) for 1½ minutes until aromatic. Put other ingredients in the pan, stir thoroughly. Cook, uncovered, at High for 10 minutes. Set aside until cool and shape into ½” diameter balls. (orange, apple can be substituted) Place the ball on top of pineapple, garnish with coriander leaves and shredded red chilli. Serve as an Hors d’Oeuvres.

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